Klemens Seelos, Ph.D.

Institute for Geosciences
Johannes Gutenberg-University
Becherweg 21, Zi. 04-415
55099 Mainz, Germany

phone: +49 (0)6131 3920326

update: 21.06.10 
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RADIUS (Particle Analysis Method)
We developed a new particle-size measurement technique, based on evaluation of digital images of thin sections, to achieve a sub-mm sample resolution and study sedimentation process in the range from medium silt to coarse sand size. It is coupled with an automatic pattern recognition system to identify sedimentation processes in undisturbed samples.

Applications of the RADIUS-Method
Laminated sediments are excellent climate proxy archives, in particular if the laminations are annual varves. These sediments are characteristic for warm intervals whereas loess dominates in the lakes during cold periods. First results show frequent loess storms very soon after the end of the last interglacial, indicating the abrupt end of the Eemian. The method is used routinely at the Institute for Geosciences at the University of Mainz on long sediment cores (ELSA - Eifel Laminated Sediment Archive).

SETRAM (Sediment Transport Modell)
SETRAM is a 2D/3D-CFD-program (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to simulate fluid flow and sediment transport processes in open water bodies. The application is separated in three modules: pre-processor (grid generation), main-processor (finite volume computations) and post-processor (graphical output, movie generation).

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